Who We Are

The Rocky Mountain Partnership

A Movement To Improve Economic and Social Mobility For All 

Specifically for those marginalized because of race, ethnicity, gender, zip code or circumstance.

The Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP) is a coalition of cross-sector leaders and network partners who believe they can accomplish more by working together than apart.

RMP utilizes a nationally proven and rigorous collective impact framework to ensure economic vitality and prosperity for the community, which requires economic and social opportunity and mobility for ALL.

There Is An Opportunity To Do Better

The COVID-19 Crisis and increasing tensions related to racial disparities and systemic inequities marks the need for a new and re-imagined era.

In order to improve community level outcomes, collective work must focus on transforming systems. We cannot transform systems without addressing the racial inequities that exist at a systemic level.

A Broadened Focus

RMP’s true north has always ultimately been economic vitality and prosperity for the community. The network has historically focused on Cradle to Career indicators impacting young people that are synonymous with the economic vitality and by working to understand and eliminate the disparities they experience.

The Cradle to Career Outcomes continue to be vital, however they are only some of the pieces of the puzzle for a holistic picture of community well-being.

In order for broad-based economic vitality to be a reality, economic and social mobility for ALL is critical.

This requires a community to work collectively on multi-generational approaches.