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Community Leaders Council

Community Leaders Council

RMP’s Community Leaders Council (CLC) is a group of cross-sector leaders who have come together to improve outcomes for all residents in the region. The CLC includes leadership from school districts, post-secondary entities, non-profits, philanthropies, corporations, businesses, faith communities, and city and county governments.

RMP is led by the Community Leaders Council (CLC), as they hold leadership and accountability for the Partnership’s shared work.

Steering Committee

Within the CLC, there exists a Steering Committee of leaders, who much like an Executive Committee of a Board, drive the strategy for the larger Community Leaders Council. Steering Committee members are indicated by an asterisk (*) by their name and pictured below.

Community Leaders Council Members by Sector


Randy Roberts, President, Triple Peak Ventures*
Kami Welch, President, Arvada Chamber of Commerce*
Neon Rain Interactive, Representative TBD


Matthew LaCrue, Associate Managing Director, Dentons*

Early Childhood

Lisa Jansen Thompson, Executive Director, Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

Education (PK-12)

Ken Ciancio, Board of Education Secretary, Westminster Public Schools
Mike Crawford, Deputy Superintendent, Organizational Development, Mapleton Public Schools
Dr. James Duffy, Chief Operating Officer, Westminster Public Schools* 
Dr. Chris Fiedler, Superintendent, 27J Schools* 
Chris Gdowski, Superintendent, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Past Chair* 
Jane Goff, Board Member, Colorado State Board of Education
Pat Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer, Adams 12 Five Star Schools* 
Don Rangel, Superintendent, Adams County School District 14


Matt Manning, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church

Government/City/Law Enforcement

Gary Creager, Chief of Police, City and County of Broomfield
Larry Dorr, Chief Financial Officer, City of Westminster
Bill Dunning, Chief of Staff, Adams County Sheriff’s Department
Marv Falconburg, Acting City Manager, City of Brighton
Heather Geyer, City Manager, City of Northglenn
Seve Ghose, Director of Parks and Recreation, City of Thornton
Raymond Gonzales, County Manager, Adams County Government*
Matt Gray, Attorney, Sherman & Howard
Jennifer Hoffman, City and County Manager, City and County of Broomfield* 
Peter Lifari, Executive Director, Maiker Housing Partners*
Vacant, City Manager, City of Commerce City*
Don Nissen, Probation Manager, 17th Judicial District
Vanessa Oldham, Deputy Director of Health and Human Services, City & County of Broomfield*
Richard Reigenborn,
Adams County Sheriff, Adams County Sheriff’s Department  
Chaz Tedesco, Adams County Commissioner, Adams County Government
Roger Tinklenberg, City Manager, City of Commerce City
Don Vallero, Chief of Police, City of Federal Heights
Jenny Willford, Mayor Pro Tem/Council Member, City of Northglenn
Dave Young, District Attorney, 17th Judicial District
City of Brighton, Representative TBD

Health & Mental Health

Ned Breslin, President & CEO, Tennyson Center for Children*
Clay Cunningham,
Chief Operations Officer, Community Reach Center
Daphne David, President & CEO, North Suburban Medical Center
Kami Dinkel, Chief Operations Officer, Vascular Institute of the Rockies* 
John Douglas, Executive Director, Tri-County Health Department*
Whitney Gustin Conner, 
Executive Director, Kids First Health Care*


Pam Smith, Director, Anythink Library


Kerrie Bentfield, Grants Program Officer, Daniels Fund
Carla Godec, Program Officer, Anschutz Foundation
Ted Harms, Executive Director, Anschutz Foundation
Ryan McCoy, Executive Director, Front Range Community College Foundation
Investment Director, Health and Education, The Piton Foundation at Gary Community Investments
TBD, Director of Education, The Denver Foundation
Ana Soler, Senior Program Officer – Education, Gates Family Foundation
Mile High United Way, Vacant


Chuck Gross, Executive Director, Adams County Education Consortium
Cathy Pellish,
Vice President, Westminster Campus, Front Range Community College; Board Member, Adams County Workforce & Business Center*

CLC Subcommittee

The CLC also has a subcommittee to lead the alignment of policy across the RMC2C Partnership:

Policy & Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN)

The Policy & Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) is a subcommittee of the Community Leaders Council, comprised of CLC members from investing partner organizations or individuals they have appointed, to lead the policy and advocacy work for the Rocky Mountain Partnership.

The PLAN’s main function is to help the Partnership understand how policies and legislation impact or could impact Cradle to Career Outcomes, so that the Partnership can create awareness in the community and advocate for systems that will positively impact the Cradle to Career success of youth. Learn More.

PLAN Members

Theresa Booco, Policy & Budget Analyst, City of Westminster
Adam Burg, Legislative & Government Affairs Administrator, Adams County Government
Dr. Brian Childress, Director of Human Resources, Adams County School District 14
Julie Duran Mullica, Council Member, City of Northglenn
Joe Ferdani, Chief Communications Officer, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Seve Ghose, Director of Parks & Recreation, City of Thornton
Matthew LaCrue, Associate Managing Director, Dentons
Anne Lane, Assistant City & County Manager, City and County of Broomfield
Candice Leimkuhler, Clinical Director of Children & Family Services, Community Reach Center
Peter Lifari, Executive Director, Maiker Housing Partners
Ryan McCoy, School Board President, Westminster Public Schools
Cathy Pellish, VP Westminster Campus, Front Range Community College
Tiffany Perrin, ZOMA Fellow, Tennyson Center
Jacque Phillips, Council Member, City of Thornton
Pam Smith, Director, Anythink Library
Jenny Willford, Mayor Pro Tem/Council Member, City of Northglenn