Reflections of Youth Coming Soon

Reflections of Youth…

One way we are working to keep youth at the center is by simply listening. We listen to understand, allowing our partners to identify the root causes of the problems they’ve identified and bring youth into the changemaking process to help inform the work we do.

But this goes beyond just having a youth placed on a committee to meet a quota. Youth are central to the work we do, and we can’t make the changes we want to see without them alongside our partners, whether that means a physical presence or keeping youth at the forefront of our minds, helping to drive the changes they want to see.

By understanding the experiences of our youth, we can create a better tomorrow with their insight and partnership. In the drive for sustainable change, we can’t move forward without keeping them at the center.

Stay tuned as we capture reflections from youth about their experiences, thoughts and ideas on all things related to their cradle to career experience.

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