Priorities Established by the CLC Steering Committee: 2020 and Beyond

In June, the Community Leaders Council (CLC) Steering Committee met to set the Priorities for the ACYI Partnership for the years 2020 and beyond. What differs from the work many have to do in developing strategic priorities, is that we don’t have to determine them from scratch. In fact, a roadmap already exists for this work.

What is the roadmap for this work?

ACYI’s national affiliate, StriveTogether, has a roadmap for the ACYI Partnership, that they call their Theory of Action. The Theory of Action essentially provides a guide for what’s needed for communities to successfully improve cradle to career outcomes on behalf of youth. The theory is broken down into four pillars that contain criteria for Partnerships to meet, such as:

  • Community leaders authentically drive the collective work of the Partnership.
  • Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) work to improve outcomes and disparities.
  • Policies and funding shift to support strategies that we have evidence are working to improve outcomes.
  • Engaged partners align their own organizational work to improve these cradle to career outcomes where it makes sense.

Essentially, this is what the ACYI Partnership has committed to doing – authentically implementing this “Theory of Action” or roadmap to improve outcomes for kids. 13 communities from across the US have already met what is referred to as “Proof Point” through implementation of the Theory of Action and this Partnership is committed to meeting the highest gateway, which is System Transformation.

What does it mean to reach Systems Transformation?

Systems Transformation essentially means that data is trending up for young people in each of the cradle to career outcomes and that disparity gaps are closing for the most vulnerable populations. When the Steering Committee sat down to determine the Partnership’s strategic priorities, they simply had to determine progress in meeting criteria outlined in the Theory of Action, determine what still needs to be done, and then prioritize those things based on resources that the Partnership has to implement.

The ACYI backbone team has taken the criteria from the theory of action and outlined what criteria has authentically been met, and what still needs to be met, therefore making it really clear for the Steering Committee to focus on action that still needs to be taken. When the CLC Steering Committee met in June, they prioritized the remaining work we need to do as a Partnership and also identified a few additional strategic actions that will help propel us forward to “Systems Change”.

Here is where the CLC Steering Committee has landed…

ACYI Partnership Priorities for 2020 and Beyond

2019 Priorities

  1. Change the Name of the Partnership to be More Comprehensive and to Accommodate Geographic Expansion

The City and County of Broomfield has officially joined the ACYI Partnership. As the Partnership thinks about being representative of the geographical scope that it is involved, and the potential for further geographical expansion in the future, a name change was lifted as a priority.

2020 Priorities

  1. Elevate a component of the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC)‘s work with additional resources and support
  2. Kick off the High School Graduation CAN
  3. Conduct a landscape analysis of and begin to scope engagement in funding and policy alignment to gain a better understanding of the impact or lack of support for improving cradle to career outcome, and shape action to take as a Partnership as a result of the findings.
  4. Support the Sustainability of the ACYI Backbone through acquisition of office and meeting space, and annual Partnership investments

2021 Priorities

  1.  Kick off Early Grade Reading CAN making the Partnership fully operational in its work to improve ALL seven Cradle to Career Outcomes.
  2. (Re)Engagement of Community Leaders at this table

Invite additional Adams County municipalities who are not currently represented to join the ACYI Partnership, determine additional regional partners needed to improve the outcomes across the region, and ensure a diverse set of cross-sector leaders with influence to support moving the work forward are invited or re-invited to and onboarded or re-onboarded to the ACYI Partnership.

For more information about the ACYI Partnership Priorities, contact Becky Hoffman, ACYI CEO.

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