Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN) Launches to Support Policy and Advocacy Across the ACYI Partnership

One of the key priorities of the ACYI Partnership in 2020 will be to conduct a landscape analysis of the local, state, and national organizational and public policies impacting Cradle to Career Outcomes.

The Partnership is clear that it cannot change systems without aligning policy to improve Cradle to Career Outcomes, and has onboarded a champion to support this work: Matt LaCrue, Associate Managing Director at Dentons. Dentons is the world’s largest law firm with 25 offices in the US, including a location in nearby Denver. Dentons provides legal services in all major practice areas for clients ranging in size from individual entrepreneurs to national corporations, including many in the Fortune 500.

Matt will support the ACYI Partnership to engage in three key areas related to policy and advocacy:

  1. Education
  2. Advocacy
  3. Awareness.

Matt serves as a liasion and thought partner in this work, so the ACYI Partnership can be proactive about policies and legislation impacting its Cradle to Career work. This also means getting our community’s data to legislators, so they can use that data to make policy decisions.

To support this work around policy and advocacy, the ACYI Partnership is launching a Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN). The PLAN will initially be charged with:

  • Identifying the criteria and structure the group will utilize to evaluate opportunities for policy support
  • Working to understand what policies are currently in place and impacting the Cradle to Career work

Ongoing, the PLAN will be charged with:

  • Monitoring policy and legislation impacting young people and ensuring the ACYI Partnership is informed
  • Evaluating opportunities for policy and legislative support based on system-level improvement opportunities lifted by the Collaborative Action Networks (CANs)
  • Recommending action for policy and legislative support to the Community Leaders Council (CLC) Steering Committee
  • Taking action for policy and legislative support support as directed by the CLC
  • Planning and hosting ACYI’s Annual ‘Day at the Legislature’ to support the development of relationships with policy makers and ensure awareness and visibility of the Partnership’s work
  • Identifying legislative priorities for the ACYI Partnership
  • Supporting the development of an annual post-legislative report outlining policy and legislative accomplishments

Investing partners are invited to join the committee or nominate a representative from their organization – submit nominations to the ACYI team. PLAN Representatives would commit to:

  • Attending and Participating in PLAN Work Sessions, and maintaining active attendance and involvement in the effort
  • Keeping their own respective organizations apprised of the work and ensuring seamless communication of all efforts
  • Utilizing their expertise and connections to support the work

For more information about the PLAN, contact Ashley Edinger, ACYI Manager of Sustainability.

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