Our Economy is Tied to Our Vital Signs – a message from Emma Pinter, ACYI Vice Chair

As a mom of two raising my family here in Adams County,I am deeply committed to ensuring that our community is a place where we can ALL thrive. In order for this to happen, we must have a strong, sustainable economy.

There are many factors that comprise a vital economy, however; education is one of the most critical components. Why? Because children and youth become our workforce, leaders and community members, and it’s no secret that communities who have a talented workforce attract and retain employers. With jobs, income, benefits, etc., families are able to live and contribute to a better quality of life. In order to have a sustainable economy, we must have the human capital necessary to support it.

This understanding drives my involvement in the ACYI Partnership. Together with other cross-sector partners, we are working to ensure success for EVERY child – Cradle to Career.

The ACYI Partnership is specifically focused on moving the needle in six Cradle to Career Outcome areas. National and local research indicates that when our youth are hitting targets in these key areas, their potential for long-term success greatly increases. These Cradle to Career indicators are similar to vital signs used in healthcare, in this case, they tell us about the health of our community. READ MORE

A Look at Our Vital Signs

Our vital signs are points along the cradle to career continuum that are supported by research as key contributors to success.

We have established a baseline for where our youth are currently performing in each of these Cradle to Career Areas.

Within our Collaborative Action Networks (CANS) we further disaggregate this data with an equity lens. We use this information as a flashlight to help illuminate areas to focus on. LEARN MORE

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