In 2018, Together we DID do more!

Thanks to your commitment to our youth and the shared idea that together we can do more, this past year we were able to accomplish the following highlights…

  • We established a ‘Steering Committee’ as a subset of our Community Leaders Council to lead the effort to enliven and sustain ACYI
  • We conducted a landscape analysis to map current out-of-school time opportunities for youth in Adams County.
  • Our two active Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) have analyzed the current condition, set short-term SMART targets, identified factors and root causes, key indicators, and are in the process of developing specific shared strategies and site strategies related to their outcomes.
    • The Middle Grade Math CAN is focusing their shared work around teacher effectiveness, and site work is being launched to tackle this and additional key indicators for eighth grade math success.
    • The Post-Secondary Success CAN is mobilizing to action around key indicators of post-secondary enrollment and attainment, validated through TEGA research conducted with youth and parents about their post-secondary journeys.
  • A landscape analysis of juvenile involvement in the justice system is underway to get a better understanding of the school-to-prison pipeline in Adams County.
  • We awarded numerous Local Impact Fund & Technical Assistance (LIFT) Awards to partners who are practicing Continuous Improvement as part of their efforts to improve outcomes on behalf of youth.
  • We doubled down on our efforts to garner authentic youth, family, and community voice by introducing TEGA (Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors) to Adams County.
  • Over 250 partners received training, coaching, and su[port through the ACYI Institute launch and/or support outcomes focused work.
  • The ACYI Backbone team more than doubled in size to support the work of the ACYI Partnership.

We are excited about the momentum we have gained this year and look forward to all that we will accomplish together over the next year. On behalf of our Board of Directors and Team… “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you do! And Happy Holidays from our family to yours!”

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