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Senior Services

Senior Services

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Adams County Government invites and welcomes participation on the Senior Services Response and Recovery Team from cross-sector community partners as there is an opportunity to come together to stay abreast of what others are doing related to emergency management, share resources with one another, and identify and lift opportunities for potential coordination of efforts. This includes information sharing, breaking down community-wide barriers, and aligning policies and resources to support emergency response efforts. The Response and Recovery Team is working to accomplish the following: 

  1. Determine and monitor Baseline and Targets, in alignment with state and national COVID-19 response priorities
  2. Determine action needed, in alignment with state and national COVID-19 response priorities, to meet needs lifted through Response and Recovery Team
  3. Identify assets and resources and make them publicly available online
  4. Identify specific resources to be put in place by Adams County Government in order to meet targets
  5. Determine where other work is needed in order to close the gaps that can be addressed by Adams County Government and Subcommittee members

Amidst an enormous amount of uncertainty, the Adams County Senior Services Response and Recovery Team is focused on supporting Adams County Government to understand the needs of seniors during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery, including policy and system shifts that may be needed and to provide an avenue for clear, concise information and aid in real-time.