About COVID-19 Response Efforts

About COVID-19 Response Efforts

Supporting Our Community Through the COVID-19 Crisis

As part of its COVID-19 emergency response and recovery strategy, Adams County Government, through the County Manager’s Office, has identified key areas where there is an opportunity to ensure its resources and support are strengthened and effectively and efficiently aligned for residents and businesses. To better understand emerging needs, provide information and aid in real-time, including policy, resource and system shifts that may be needed, the following Response and Recovery Teams have been developed:

  1. Child Care
  2. Business Support and Retention
  3. Aging Services
  4. Uninsured and Healthcare Access
  5. Housing Stability
  6. Food Security and Basic Essentials
  7. Support for the Unemployed and Future Workforce

Adams County Government invites and welcomes participation on these critical Response and Recovery Teams from cross-sector community partners as there is also opportunity to come together to stay abreast of what others are doing related to emergency management, share resources with one another, and identify and lift opportunities for potential coordination of efforts. This includes information sharing, breaking down community-wide barriers, and aligning policies and resources to support emergency response efforts. Response and Recovery Teams will be working to accomplish the following:

  1. Bring cross-sector and key community representatives, including residents who are being impacted the most by the most by COVID-19 to work together to co-develop solutions to community-wide COVID challenges and gaps.
  2. Determine and monitor the current and growing state of each emergency response focus area and set targets to best support Adams County Residents and Businesses that are in alignment with state and national COVID-19 response priorities.
  3. Identify resources and supports for Adams County residents and businesses and make them publicly available.
  4. Identify gaps in support and barriers Adams County residents and businesses are experiencing.
  5. Determine action needed, in alignment with the state and national COVID-19 response priorities, to meet needs and gaps in support lifted through the Response and Recovery Teams.
  6. Respond to critical questions listed by the community in real time.

Adams County has enlisted the support of the Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership’s staff, referred to as the Backbone, to provide behind the scenes support for these seven strategic teams.