C2C Outcomes

Post-Secondary Attainment


By 2025, students in the RMC2C Partnership will attain post-secondary credentials at or above the state rate.

The RMC2C Partnership defines ‘post-secondary’ as any college, certificate, apprenticeship, credential program that helps the recipient become employed at a self-sufficient wage.


Only 39% of youth in the RMC2C Partnership who enroll in a post-secondary program complete the program within 6 years, if at all

Data Source: Colorado Department of Higher Education, (https://highered.colorado.gov/Data/Search.aspx)


Champion: Cathy Pellish, Westminster Campus VP, Front Range Community College
Co-Conveners: Mindy Kinnaman,
Student Life Director, Front Range Community College &
Core Team: TBD


Christian KZ Kalenga, Post-Secondary Success Program Manager, Goodwill Denver
Samantha Sgourakes, Post-Secondary Success Coordinator, Goodwill Denver


By 2020, nearly three in four jobs in Colorado will require some education beyond high school which includes a certificate, two-year, or four-year degree. Yet today, only 46% of high school graduates in the RMC2C Partnership enroll in post-secondary programs, and only 39% of these youth complete their program within 6 years, if at all.

Essentially, this means that about only 20% of our community’s high school graduates are receiving the credentials they need for gainful employment. These rates have major implications on our economy, as post-secondary enrollment and attainment rates correlate with the human capital necessary to attract and retain primary employers. Without primary employers, we do not have the jobs that improve the economic base of Adams and Broomfield Counties.