C2C Outcomes

Middle Grade Math


By 2025, the mean scale score of eighth grade math students in the RMC2C Partnership will be 750.

SMART TARGET: By the end of 2020, the mean scale score of eighth grade math students in the RMC2C Partnership who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch will be 723.


Roughly 3,000 students, around 6 out of 10 of our community’s eighth graders, are NOT meeting expectations in eighth grade math.


Champion: Dr. Chris Fiedler, Superintendent, 27J Schools
Convener: Cindy Ritter
, Instructional Specialist, 27J Schools
Core Team:
∙Kathleen Blasi, Secondary Math Coordinator, Adams 12 Five Star Schools
∙Joy Casey, Instructional Coach, Prairie View Middle School, 27J Schools
∙Tom Ciolek, Principal, Kearney Middle School, Adams County School District 14
∙Jennifer Rizzo, PEDAL Coordinator, Westminster Public Schools


Adams 12 Five Star Schools

  • Silver Hills Middle School

Adams County School District 14

  • Kearney Middle School

27J Schools

  • Prairie View Middle School
  • Stuart Middle School
  • Quist Middle School
  • Overland Trail Middle School
  • Vikan Middle School

Westminster Public Schools

  • Scott Carpenter Middle School
  • Shaw Heights Middle School
  • Westminster Academy for International Studies
  • Colorado STEM Academy
  • Ranum Middle School


Success in eighth grade math performance has become an important milestone for high school persistence, academic achievement, post-secondary completion, and general preparedness for the workforce.

Middle Grade Math, commonly considered to be Algebra I, is often known as the ‘gatekeeper’ subject, since it is essential for success in high school math. Students completing algebra in eighth grade are more likely to stay in the mathematics pipeline longer and attend college at higher rates, as these advanced courses are highly valued for admission to these educational institutions. Meanwhile, approximately 23% of entering college freshmen fail math placement tests and are placed in noncredit-bearing remedial courses. This is why the Middle Grade Math CAN is working to ensure that ALL youth succeed in eighth grade math, so that they are ready for the next steps in their Cradle to Career journey: high school graduation and post-secondary enrollment.