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Kindergarten Readiness

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While Kindergarten Readiness is the Cradle to Career Outcome that we are working to move the needle in, the RMC2C Partnership knows that Kindergarten Readiness is heavily affected by childcare and early education. With this in mind, the group working towards improving Kindergarten Readiness will be the Early Childhood Care and Education CAN.

This Collaborative Action Network (CAN) is convened by the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC). ECPAC brings together diverse Adams County partners in the areas of childhood education, health, mental health, and family support to help ensure that every child is ready for school.


Increase kindergarten readiness for ALL youth in the RMC2C Partnership


Only 38% of kindergarteners in the RMC2C Partnership meet all six of the identified school readiness domains

Data Source: Colorado Department of Education, (https://www.cde.state.co.us/schoolreadiness/ksrdatareport)


Champion: Raymond Gonzales, County Manager, Adams County Government
Convener: Lisa Jansen Thompson
, CEO, Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County
Core Team:
∙Isabel Arellano, Administrator, HeadStart
∙Mat Aubuchon, Director of Elementary Education, Westminster Public Schools
∙Allison Gooding,
Noah’s Ark Preschool & Childcare
∙John Hicks, Education Manager, HeadStart
∙Rachel Hubbard
, Director of Early Learning, Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County
∙Carol Johnson, Speciality Community Support Services Manager, CCAP Human Services Adams County Government
∙Stacey Langer, Early Care & Education Coach, Red Rocks Community College (Triad)
∙Mernie Rosenburg,
Faculty, Front Range Community College



Check back soon for more CAN members.


With the overarching goal of ensuring that our children and youth become productive, contributing members of the workforce, the Rocky Mountain Cradle to Career Partnership is focused on increasing student achievement and the safety and well-being of children and youth in our community. To support this effort, the RMC2C Partnership has identified critical points along the cradle to career pipeline which will impact that goal. Kindergarten readiness is a critical milestone for young children and is crucial to a young person’s academic success.

Because kindergarten readiness marks the start of a child’s formal education, it is closely linked to future life success. School-entry academic and attention skills are highly correlated with later academic achievement in elementary school. One example is that elementary school reading levels are predominantly determined by the reading skills children bring from kindergarten. It has also been proven that, as a child’s kindergarten readiness score improves, third grade reading and math scores rise accordingly.