C2C Outcomes

Early Grade Reading


Increase the third grade reading proficiency of youth in the RMC2C Partnership


Only 34% of third graders in the RMC2C Partnership are meeting state expectations in reading

Data Source: Colorado Department of Education, (www.cde.state.co/assessment/cmas)


With the overarching goal of ensuring that our children and youth become productive, contributing members of the workforce, the RMC2C Partnership is focused on increasing student achievement and the safety and well-being of children and youth in our community.  To support this effort, the RMC2C Partnership has identified critical points along the cradle to career pipeline which will impact that goal. Early grade reading is a critical milestone for young children.

Reading at grade level is one of the strongest indicators of later success in school, as youth who are reading at or above grade level are more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. Meanwhile, disparities in literacy during the early school years results in persistent achievement gaps. For example, children’s growth in reading skills begins to stall around third or fourth grade, which results in “fourth grade slump”.  This is why the Early Grade Reading CAN will work to ensure that ALL youth are reading at or above grade level, as this will impact the rest of their Cradle to Career journey.