C2C Outcomes

Adams County Youth Employment


Ensure ALL youth in Adams and Broomfield Counties will be employed at a self-sufficient wage.

Reduce the number of youth who are disengaged in Adams County from 8,000 to 7,750 by end of 2020. The fiscal impact for supporting 250 disconnected youth to a job with a self-sufficient wage for Adams County is significant: 

  • $7,887,490 In Increased Wages*

  • $365,191 In Increased State Income Tax

  • $56,663 Total State Sales Tax Impact

  • $14,646 Total Local Sales Tax Impact

*Average Annual Wage is based on national wage data for 16-24 year old males of color in Adams County.
Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics Wage by Age 2019, BLS Consumer Expenditures 2018, and County Tax Websites


Only 64% of Adams County youth ages 18-24 make a wage that allows them to afford their basic needs*.

*Using the estimates for CCIP, a basic estimate was used to calculate the percentage of individuals at or above the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Adams County in 2018 ($27,684). Source: US Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates.


Champion: Gregg Moss, Innovation Coordinator, City of Westminster
Convener: Jodie Kammerzell
, Administrator/Local Area Director, Adams County Workforce & Business Center
Core Team: Janet Renden
, Principal, Bollman Technical Education Center, Adams 12 Five Star Schools



With the overarching goal of ensuring that our children and youth become productive, contributing members of the workforce, RMC2C is focused on increasing student achievement and the safety and well-being of children and youth in our community. To support this effort, RMC2C has identified critical points along the cradle to career pipeline which impact that goal. The RMC2C Partnership has identified a need to better understand what happens to youth after leaving school or receiving a post-secondary credential. It is critical to understand if young people are becoming employed at a wage that allows them to be self-sufficient.

Colorado has the ninth fastest population growth in the United States and Adams County is projected to be one of the fastest growing counties in Colorado in both population and employment. In order for our community to have a sustainable economic base, it is critical that the population is employed at a wage that allows them to be self-sufficient.