ACYI Working to Align with State Master Plan for Advancing Education and Talent Development

The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) presented its master plan, Colorado Rises: Advancing Education and Talent Development, as an urgent call to action. Essentially saying that if the state of Colorado is to prepare its students for changing workforce demands and maintain its high quality of life and vibrant economy, it must invest more in the educational attainment of all its citizens.

In this plan, the CCHE reaffirms a statewide credential attainment goal of 66 percent by 2025 for our adult population, stressing that our economy demands it. They outline that some progress has been made since 2012 when the commission issued its previous master plan, but today attainment is still only 55 percent.

We are answering the call and joining the concerted effort to prepare students for changing workforce demands and essentially to help Colorado maintain its high quality of life and vibrant economy. Located just North of Denver, Adams County has one of the fastest growing populations of any other county in Colorado. For Colorado to advance, Adams County must advance.

The Post-Secondary Success Collaborative Action Network (CAN) is working to align with the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Colorado Commission on Higher Education State Master Plan for the longer term work the CAN will take on (focused on systems change and attainment) and is positioning itself to support the following state goals:

Strategic Goal 1: Increase Credential Completion

Strategic Goal 2: Erase Equity Gaps

Strategic Goal 3: Improve Student Success

Strategic Goal 4: Invest in Affordability and Innovation

CLICK HERE to read more about the Master Plan. CLICK HERE to learn more about ACYI’s Post-Secondary Success CAN.

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