A Key Milestone for Future Success: Eighth Grade Math in the ACYI Partnership

The Challenge We Face

Success in Eighth Grade Math performance has become an important milestone for future success. Yet today, the mean scale score in math for eighth graders in the ACYI Partnership (5 school districts: Adams 12 FIVE Star Schools, Adams County School District 14, Brighton School District 27J, Mapleton Public Schools, and Westminster Public Schools) is 727. This means that eighth graders in our community, on average, are performing at level 3 (approaching expectations).

Essentially, this means that roughly 3,000 students, around 6 out of 10 of our community’s eighth graders, are NOT meeting expectations in eighth grade math.

These rates have major implications for high school persistence, academic achievement, post-secondary enrollment and completion, and general preparedness for the workforce, which in turn impact our economy. Without the human capital necessary to attract and retain primary employers, we do not have the jobs that improve the economic base of Adams County.

Why Mean Scale Score?

The Middle Grade Math Collaborative Action Network (CAN) opted to look at mean scale score as their baseline to measure effective shared work instead of percent of students at benchmark because it is more reflective of all students’ achievement levels and changes in scores for ALL students impact the mean scale score. Instead of just looking at the percent of students meeting expectations, which is only impacted by moving students above or below the cut score for “met expectations,” the mean scale score provides higher incentive within the accountability system to focus on all students, not just those meeting expectations, to better inform the work that every student succeeds in eighth grade math. Learn more about mean scale scores HERE.

What are we doing about this?

Cross-sector partners, who understand and agree that collective action is needed to support more young people to meet math milestones critical for cradle to career success, have assembled to strategically align their action to results through the Middle Grade Math CAN. LEARN MORE

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